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Trainers Profile

Dr. M K Shivani is 3rd Generation Dentist specialized in Cosmetic Dentistry with over 25 years of successful practice. Her father made her realize the importance of contribution towards society and she started contributing to the society selflessly motivating and helping others to understand and utilize their hidden potential.
She has served as Leo District president in teenage years, Rotary president, President-Indian Dental Association, New Bombay. She is a passionate reader since childhood and a constant learner.
She has taken trainings from various National and International motivational trainer of various life skills and leadership skills and she is also the Subject Matter Expert (SME) of Mind Power and Manifestation with 10 years of experience as a speaker and Professional trainer.
She is also the member of Indian Trainer Association (ITA). She being a thorough learner wants to remain the same throughout. Her personal vision is to transform innumerable people using various means like Transformation workshops, seminars, Audio-Visual’s, Webinars, Books & Social Media, etc. through wealth, wellness achieving peace, progress & prosperity.
Helping to achieve personal freedom, unleash the hidden potential one to one.
She is Life optimization expert 

Rajeev Jha is a Computer Engineer by qualification and his passion for music made him learn the technical side of Music production. As a Sound engineer, he has successfully done various projects for Disney Channel, Doordarshan, Baghban, Socha Na Tha, Mannat, compilation of songs for Kalyanji Anandji, etc. He also owns one of the leading distribution companies of surgical instruments.
As a voracious reader, he has read many books on various topics and used his knowledge to counsel kids and teenagers on various levels. He has the passion of upgrading and imparting his knowledge by constant learning and has taken training from various National & International leaders. He has imparted his knowledge through various counseling sessions, seminars and workshops. He aims to transform the people of globe through Peace, Progress & Prosperity.

Sanjay Nirmal

Sanjay Nirmal is with over 35 years of rewarding Corporate service in numerous MNC’s in Power electronics. He experiences gained through his own life struggles, not to underestimate the values of integrity, Hard work, contribution towards society from his parents. An author, speaker, coach, advisor & entrepreneurial. A leader wanting to lift his team in all forms of life, performance and excellence.

Having has done his specialized Digital Marketing training from Digital Marketer-Austin (USA) and Digital Vidya. He is also is an CCF certified Life Coach, helping individuals reconstruct life, and organizations in modernization and digital revolution.

A lifelong learner at core, His vision is to transform 10,000 people & organizations, in a skyward direction adopting various means like transformation exercises, courses, Webinars, Books & consultations, etc.

Manas Bhowmik is a Mechanical Engineer turned corporate b2b sales manager turned affiliate marketer & upcoming online influencer from Mumbai. He has been following prominent national/international business coaches, notable  sales trainers  & prominent spiritual gurus  since 2010  during his brief stint in N/W marketing which in turn cleared his vision to pursue industrial heavy machinery sales as a full time career, pursuing his passion of attending online/offline business seminars on  weekends. He is a polymath & started documenting his journey through video posts on social media since Aug 2019. 

Currently he is very active on nine different social media platforms & also has a closed community of inner circle members where he guides his group on the benefits of waking up & meditating at Brahma Muhurta (3 am – 5 am) as described in our ancient Indian scriptures. Currently he is working on his upcoming project on how to live a super healthy & productive life by sleeping only 4 hrs daily & having only 1 big meal a day without harming our body (inspired from Sadhguru’s teachings & the Japanese concept of Autophagy which won its inventor the Nobel prize of 2016).

Manas Bhowmik

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