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You Can Be An Incredible Author?

Have you ever wanted to become an Incredible Author?

There are many of us who want to be an Author and they mean to.
But it somehow it never materialises.

What could be the Reason?

Is it only because of procrastination?


But in your mind, it’s your fear, your doubt about yourself.

And, of course, not knowing step by step procedure.

You can change all that

You will never ever  realise that within four week’s journey, you can be an Author.
Yes. It is a reality for all those Incredible authors who have done it in the Book Writing
4 week challenge
on 1st August- 2021, organised by MHW’s team!
Be a  part of that mega virtual event, I could realise, yes, its possible to become an incredible author within Four weeks time. 
When you go through the journey of these Incredible authors, you will come to know in this Book Writing Challenge could bring in you an incredible author.

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What is Book?

While book reading is the best way for self & Personal Growth, what about being an Author?
In addition to building your credibility, you can contribute in a big way towards the betterment of this world.
A BOOK is the best way to leave a LEGACY behind after you in this world.

Meet Some First Time Authours

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Art Of Winning Selenium Interview

This book is a collection of Frequently asked questions of Selenium & Java.

This is for beginners and Experienced Software testers.

Art Of Winning Selenium Interview


About Author

Saudama is a Senior Quality Analayst and Software Trainer

Body by Desire

is my sincere effort to bring about a movement, shared and organized pursuit of the desired goal. As a bodybuilder personally and as a General Secretary of the Amateur Bodybuilders Association of Maharashtra, I have seen thousands of people pursue the common goal of fitness.

I have packaged everything that I have learned in my journey of bodybuilding.

I am a person who lives and breathes fitness. I always loved connecting with people and motivating them towards their fitness goals. I will guide you to the most powerful and proven path to change that’s going to change your life.”


Girish Shetty
Mr. World

About Author

A multidimensional multidisciplinary. Girish is a Bodybuilder at Heart, a Chartered accountant by profession.
Here he comes to touch the lives of millions of youth who are ready to set the stage on 🔥
A multitasker compassionate bodybuilder who has won the international stage with perseverance and hard work . Girish intends to touch the lives of millions of youth who are have lived feeding their dreams on Arnold Schwarzenegger



Aaina is a book written by Payal Goyal.

A book is a reflection of one’s self as if seeing in the mirror. A must-read to understand your life.



Unlock the Commando In You

Is a Book written by Monika Ohri. As a coach, she gets you to realize your inner potential to take on the world like a fail-proof COMMANDO

Unlock the Cammando In You

Dazzling Start

written by Sneha Kashetwar is an exciting book of a woman with her newborn child and the wonderful journey which starts with the birth of a new baby.

Dazzling Start

This Concise Book “The Subtle Art of Questioning “ is equipped to make you aware of the power of the question and will take you step by step into learning these life-transforming skills and techniques to change your life forever.
A book that starts with questions and ends with questions and is full of questions, loaded above 500 questions of which 350 practical questions to begin with.

You will learn in the privacy of your home how to eliminate the self-limiting beliefs and eradicate the obstacles that come in the way of getting what you truly want in life however don’t dare to ask for.

By practicing these tips and guidelines, reflecting on the questions, you will experience a paradigm shift in your thought process, you will gain the courage to ask questions frequently, and will break free from the shackles of self-doubt.

Must read for Busy Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, and Homemakers.
This intriguing book might be regarded as a beginner’s guide to questioning, as it will teach you about: – Questions, its tools and techniques; and

  • How to pose a question to get the best possible answer.
  • How to strike a conversation and be effective at it.
  • How to cultivate creative thinking
  • How to develop critical thinking.
  • Play the role of a mentor by refraining from asking improper questions.
  • Help you grow into a better version of yourself.



About Author

Hello, I’m a Success Coach and Emotional Intelligence Life Skills Trainer who believes that training is the catalyst for self-transformation. I believe, “Training is the application of knowledge to complete the targeted goal most effectively by optimizing resource utilization.” Being an M.Com, MBA, and a well-qualified professional with 20+ years of experience in a variety of sectors. My specialization is in Strategic HR, however being a corporate trainer, am well versed with Training, Marketing, Operations, MIS, and Business Analytics. I am also a certified POSH Enabler and an NLP certified Master Practitioner.

I am the founder of Success Leap Inspiration, a Coaching, Training, and Counselling company. My Mission is to empower and reach out to 10000 people from different sectors of society and help them discover their true potentials and develop their skills by the year Dec 2025.

Author, Poet, Blogger, EI Trainer.

“Yoga for the Overweight Mind” is a book which highlights the various misconceptions and wrong beliefs people have for Yoga. This book attempts to remove some of the myths about Yoga and to help the readers understand the importance of Yoga for our overall health and towards making it our way of life. This book is a guide for learning the various Yoga asanas, however, it is recommended that one should always learn Yoga from an experienced trainer. This book contains:
• What is weight gain and the reasons for it?
• How Yoga helps in weight loss
• Surya Namaskar and their benefits
• Asanas for weight loss
• Mudras for weight loss
• Relaxation of mind and body- Pranayama
• Myths related Yoga and the real story
• Positive affirmations
• Yogic Diet

Yoga For The "OverWeight" Mind

Arti Ambike

About Author

Arti Ambike is a Yoga Trainer for the last 16 years and has practicing Yoga in Thane (near Mumbai). She completed her initial certifications from ‘The Yoga Institute’, Santacruz, Mumbai, and is now a certified Level 1 and Level 2 Yoga Teacher from Yoga Certification Board, Ayush Ministry, Government of India, the Premier institute in Yoga. She is also a certified Trainer in Chakra healing and chakra meditation.

Simple Strategies To Stay Focused

After reading this book, you will learn how your concentration levels are connected to your internal being and external environment. This is an implementation book with numerous exercises to level up your focus and crush distraction. The final section of this book has a cheatsheet with commandments to keep your mind strong and pull you out from low phases. Read, Implement, and Succeed.

As young adults and teenagers, you are frequently viewed as the world’s future leaders. You wish to achieve many of your own dreams, aspirations, and objectives. However, in order to pursue and achieve these goals, you must concentrate on the tiny and significant details that will help you climb the ladder of success. And significant ‘Focus’ in every task is an important and life-changing ingredient for success.

The title of this book comes from a Russian proverb describing that pursuing two rabbits simultaneously is futile. Meaning, trying to focus on different tasks, activities, and goals at once is ineffective and wasteful of time. Premila Dias, the author of this book, discusses the concept of ‘FOCUS,’ as well as numerous sources of distraction and provides effective solutions to focus on your ambitions and well-being by overcoming distraction. Focus needs to be inculcated at a delicate age when children are most creative and susceptible to learn life’s lessons. Thus, the book’s major goal is to assist our young leaders —teenagers and young adults— in maintaining maximum focus in the shortest amount of time to complete the most amount of work possible.

Hey! Are you chasing 2 rabbits

Premila Dias

About Author

Premila Dias lives in Mumbai, India, and works passionately with teenagers and young adults. A mother of two, she loves spending her time along beaches of western India including Goa.

Through her organisation Enrich To Grow, Premila Dias guides teenagers and young adults in discovering their true potential by enabling them to stay focused on their goals and dreams.

A blueprint to identify your true self.

Founder of Fearless Whisper, I am a storyteller, life coach & human behavior researcher helping people who are struggling with their own selves and want to discover and reconnect with their inner voice and rebuild their lives fearlessly. This book comes from a very personal space in my life. I hope you can appreciate the feelings and learnings depicted herein.

You are not your Parents

Shilka Agarwal

About Author

Founder of Fearless Whisper, I am a storyteller, life coach & human behavior researcher helping people who are struggling with their own selves and want to discover and reconnect with their inner voice and rebuild their lives fearlessly. This book comes from a very personal space in my life. I hope you can appreciate the feelings and learnings depicted herein.

Channelize your thoughts, become self-aware and intentional. Rediscover your true nature, as if you are peeling an onion, peeling away layers of beliefs, expectations, ways of thinking, and being that which you built up over the years.

Revitalize your strengths. Revise what inspires you. 

You will get to read about the mental shifts that occur in various stages of our life including the fixed and growth mindset that enables us to understand issues from a different perspective through our emotional intelligence – mainly self-awareness and social skills. A change in these aspects propels us to become professionals who are known to want everywhere for everything they bring on to the table. 

Get back to who you are, reopen your reference to your keenness for growth and progress.

The more openly and freely you experiment with what has been offered in this book, the more you gain as you enjoy the liberty to be you, the joy of being you.


T.S.K. Raman

About Author

Coach – Leadership Coaching, Career Transition Coaching, Life Coaching as niche areas.
Consulting – Strategy and Talent Development.

Medallist/Award winner.

All round Management Experience.
Strategist with expertise in Leadership, Management Development, Organisational Change, Cultural Change (emphasis on learning and application culture) and Executive Coaching.

A believer in need to be a value-adder.

Industry Sector Experience: IT & ITeS, Manufacturing, Advertising/Media

” Microgreens-The New Superfood of the 21st Century.”This book serves as a beginner guide for those who are just beginning to know about microgreens. If you care about what goes inside your body and what appears on your plate, this book is for you.
In this book, I explained in simple terms everything you need to know about microgreens at the beginner level.

As you go through this book you will understand what microgreens are and why microgreens are called the Superfood of the 21st century and why we need to consume them for our good health.
I have also explained how to grow these microgreens easily by you whether you are a homemaker or chef or whatever may be your age or profession. Anyone from primary school children to old age people can understand and grow microgreens after reading this book.

Microgreens are easy to grow and hassle-free.
You will never get bored growing them as you have so many delicious varieties to choose from local to exotic types.

This book is for:
All home grower’s
Kids inspired for gardening
Health-conscious individuals
Senior citizens to beat their boredom
Garden lover’s & city dweller’s with less space and water
Those Looking for organic chemical-free Leafy vegetables & Chefs


Dr. Rajani

About Author

Dr. Rajani is a Dentist by education, an entrepreneur, co-founder of a vegan supplement brand in India by the name Origins Nutra. Founder of Origins Wellness, an online wellness platform for those aspiring to stay fit and healthy.

The Three Siblings

Is a book written by an 11-year-old girl Mannat Arora.


An amazing writer at the age of 11 has dared to write a book in 3 weeks and publish it.


Mannat Arora

About Author

Mannat Arora is just 11 years old and loves stories.

She has dared to write a book with determination.

“Emotions- The Sales Driver” is a must-read book for all young sales professionals, Senior sales managers and top management sales leaders. This book is based on Sales related emotional intelligence and includes simple and easy to follow techniques to manage disruptive emotions like anger, anxiety, worry, fear, illusion, attachment, etc., which every sales person experiences due to triggering effects of the situations. The key to success in sales is managing the above-mentioned unruly emotions by developing self-awareness, and empathy. The author uses a very lucid language which makes this book very easy to understand and practice the various SALES EQ enhancing techniques. Using these techniques, a salesperson can easily navigate through the emotional ups and downs towards excellence in the sales career.
This book contains:
• Seven ways to manage your disruptive emotions
• Learning the skill of listening
• Eight ways to develop passion for sales
• Eight ways to keep the fire in the belly burning
• Four ways to remove the fear of asking
• Eight Steps to influence the customers buying process
• Nine ways to make customers like you
• Nine negotiating techniques and how to use them
• Seven customer ploys and how to handle them
• Eight ways to build trust.

Emotions - The Sales Driver

Shrikant Ambike

About Author

Shrikant M Ambike is a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Advanced NLP Trainer by profession, specializing in emotional intelligence, EQ-leadership, and sales excellence (eq-sales) training. To date, he has trained more than 500 participants in the last more than two years. Before starting his second career innings as a trainer in 2019, Shrikant worked in the corporate and private sector in the sales of power electronics and power conditioning industrial equipment for more than 26 years. He rose to the level of Asst Vice President (SBU) in his last company, before deciding to pursue his second passion in training.
Shrikant’s motto is “Training people, Transforming lives”. He can be reached on

11Ways of Being Spiritual– How Being Spiritual could make anyone a Better Parent.

Parenting is very subjective and a conundrum, especially today when there is advice pooling in from all directions, and the parent-child connection may be near to zero. Children are shushed down by being handing over smartphones or I-pads, while parents are busy tapping away on their respective devices. The parent-child relationship can teach a parent many things and be willing to forego their egos and learn as much as they can when bringing up their child. It is very important to raise your own consciousness and awareness to become a good parent.
The best thing about spirituality is that it is a universal concept. It offers a path for all domains of life and parenting is no different. Humans are spiritual beings and spiritualism is connected to reasons that are sometimes beyond the scope of human understanding. What the child wants is unconditional love and acceptance of who he or she is. The parenting style needs to change taking into consideration technological advancement, the way the world is progressing, and biological evolution. There is an imminent need for not only physical health but also emotional health. Parenting boils down to self-consciousness, awareness, and the spirit. Spiritual parenting is more based on heart, mind, and soul. Parents just need to delve into their instincts and work towards raising human beings instead of machines. This book talks about parental challenges and how one can become a better parent by following the path of spirituality.

11 Ways of Being Spiritual

Sheela Rangaswami

About Author

Sheela Rangaswami is the Principal of Sunrise International Academy, Bangalore, Karnataka. She is a Psychologist, Power Parenting Coach, Youtuber, Podcaster, Blogger, Reiki Master, Alchemist, Spiritual Seeker, Entrepreneur, and a Lifelong learner. She has a rich experience of 19+ years in the field of education.

How to get everything you want – faster than you ever thought possible without wasting time

Must read for Busy Professionals, Entrepreneurs, People with huge Debts

This exciting book will help you:

  • Get Rid of stress
  • Get Rid of fear,
  • Get Rid of failure habits
  • Get Rid of worry
  • Access answers from your higher self
  • Get abundant health, joy, and riches
  • Be in control of your life

Here’s What You’ll Receive

This Concise Book “Discover 9 secrets of abundance “ in one place which  will take you step by step in learning these life-changing secrets and  techniques to  change your life forever in Abundance mode .

  • Discover 4 D  powerful secrets to discover yourself
  • Manifest your dreams into reality
  • Reasons what is holding you back from having everything

Discover 9 Secrets Of Abundance

Dr. MK Shivani

About Author

Dr. M K Shivani is 3rd Generation Dentist specialized in Cosmetic Dentistry with over 25 years of successful practice. Her father made her realize the importance of contribution towards society and she started contributing to the society selflessly motivating and helping others to understand and utilize their hidden potential.
She has served as Leo District president in teenage years, Rotary president, President-Indian Dental Association, New Bombay. She is a passionate reader since childhood and a constant learner.

This book is a beginner’s guide to the world of Affirmations. It’s a great place to start, if you’re new to the realm of affirmations. I’ve attempted to answer the most common queries that might occur in the mind of someone who is inexperienced with Affirmations and their impact on daily life. I’ve endeavoured to provide an overview of the affirmation world.

Because the subject is vast and profound, I’ve kept it very simple in this book and have avoided diving into its nuances. A newbie to affirmations could begin by simply trusting that they will work.

Knowing how powerful our sustained thoughts and words are, you can be sure and trust, that your affirmations will come to fruition at their own appointed time.

So, don’t be anxious and rush yourself.  This will defeat the very purpose of saying the Affirmations.  TRUST and GOOD FEELINGS while affirming, will see you through, in this realm of Affirmations. 


Use this free tool, which you already possess, to your advantage.  Most of the successful people have harnessed the POWER OF AFFIRMATIONS to get their desired results.  It’s time, we too, emulate them and watch our future unfold itself to a new beginning.


Judith Gomes

About Author

Judith Gomes is a mother of two gorgeous girls and a stay-at-home mom. She gave up her job at a multinational corporation to be more present to her children as they grew up, and she has been a very supportive mother.

She has, of course, kept up with current events and considers herself to be a lifelong learner.  She is always on the lookout for new abilities to master and is very forward-thinking.

“Emotions- The Navigator”is a book based on emotional intelligence and is a simple easy to follow techniques on how one can build self-awareness, Mindfulness, and gain control over impulses thro’ self-management. The author has narrated his own stories and experiences and used them as context to understand and manage disruptive emotions in a lucid language. Using these techniques, one can easily navigate through the emotional storms and disruptions and mood turbulences towards a holistic emotional well-being.

This book includes multiple ways and techniques to:

  • Increase awareness of your emotions
  • Manage your impulses and the urge to react without thinking
  • Manage disruptive emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, worry, guilt, shame, etc.
  • Forgive
  • Build trust
  • Improve your mindfulness
  • Develop assertiveness, empathy and resilience

Emotions- The Navigator

Shrikant M Ambike

About Author

Shrikant M Ambike is an Trainer by profession, specializing himself into emotional intelligence and sales excellence (eq-sales) training. Till date he has trained more than 500 participants in the last more than two years. Before getting into training in 2019, Shrikant worked in the corporate and private sector for more than 26 years, with sales being his domain. Shrikant’s motto is “Training people, transforming lives”

The book “Surkh Khwaab” is a collection of Hindi poetry.

Most of the poetry in this book revolve around women and their lives at different stages. 

If you are fond of poetry and also someone who inclines social issues and challenges, this book will give a glimpse of that in the language of poetry. The book is written in Devnagri Lipi.


Surkh Khwaab


About Author

Miss. Deepshikha is a MBA Graduate and a Life Coach by profession and a poet at heart. She loved to express her feelings through poetry since childhood which she decided to collect together and create a book out of it.

“You can become what you want to be.” a good modernized, and updated edition of the mantra of getting Success and being great, this book is considered a philosophy of time-tested new thought principles and practices, including the technique of creative, which myself practiced, it explains how riches come to us and how by simply using our will, acting in a certain way, and thinking The right thoughts, we can become success and great. A compelling self-help classic, this book will help you understand the secrets to attaining what you truly desire.

The Secret Way of Success

Sanjay Howlader

About Author

Hi, I’m Sanjay Narayan Howlader. I’m a Civil Engineer professional with a family history of 1st generations, lifelong learner, spiritual seeker, served at Leadership positions of many Multinational Company as a Quality Engineer, Now Working as a Business Consultant, And passionate about transforming lives of people through our strategy, Technic and Action Plan Lifestyle Model developed after all Ups and down in Health, Money and Personal growths areas.

Are you overweight? You are not alone. Globally, approximately two billion people fall in this category. Soon India is going to become the capital of obesity.
Generally, Whenever we talk about obesity, weight loss, slimness, maximum people suggest you about diet or about exercise. But you must have experienced one thing, that only dieting and exercise will not help you to reach your dreams. Despite excessive dieting & vigorous exercise, why you do not lose weight, why you can not get your ideal figure. Because you do not know your original secret of slimness.
In this book of Dr. Minal Wairagade, every secret of slimness has been described in great detail.
By reading this book, you will know for the first time how to get rid of obesity & gain your ideal figure. This book has described many more things to gain slimness other than only diet and exercise.

If you want to get rid of your tummy fat, if you want to lose weight, if you want to know the secrets of celebrity figures, then go through this book. This book will bring a miracle into your life and will make you slim easily.
So here are ‘10 secrets of Slimness’ by Dr. Minal Wairagade where you are going to know Easy Hacks to lose weight & get a Slim Body.

10 secrets Of Slimness

Dr. Minal Wairagade

About Author

Dr. Minal Ravi Wairagade
Author, Doctor, Women health and Slimness Expert, NLP Healing Specialist, Founder of FitPro Club and International Udemy Instructor with 20yrs of rich clinical experience.

She specialises in Mind Transplant methods for achieving super quick reversal of incurable lifestyle diseases and obesity.

I believe that most people wish for a mutually respectful and loving relationship with their children. I drew from my experiences with my parents as well as my children to come out with this book. It is a concentrated dose of the same idea being adapted through the different stages of childhood. This book is for all parents who are looking for an honest and open relationship with their children

A Place In Your Child's Heart



About Author

Hi, I am Aparna. I am a home maker and an online German language teacher. I have just authored my first book – A place in your child’s heart. As a daughter I had a very comfortable relationship with my parents. Sometimes I heard other children saying that their parents would scold them, or that they could not tell their parents about some incident. I realized then that I had no such inhibitions. They were approachable. I could talk to them without any fear. This was true more of my mother from whom my father learnt the trick. I brought this experience into bringing up my children.
I am evolving and discovering more about myself each day.

 This book advocates the importance of finding your Passion in Compassion, spreading positive spirit and joy and influencing others to move away from a role of creating conflicts to a role of creating collaboration and synergy. Thus, you are guided to be the part of a huge transformation to create a sustainable and peace-loving world, where humanity could reach the pinnacle of development aimed at eradicating hunger, poverty and suffering; a transformation by which humanity could find heaven on earth!

Passion In Compassion



About Author

Hi, I am Prakash, a Mechanical Design Engineering Manager by profession. With about thirty years of corporate experience and working with different MNCs, I was fortunate to connect with different people in different parts of the globe.I am compassionate about mentoring people and showing them a path of personal growth along with professional development. I look forward to opportunities of enriching the lives of the people, enabling them to relate to the bigger picture and thus helping to identify the need for change in specific aspects of their life.I consider this as my way of giving back to the society.

Do you believe you’ve given up on your goals and ambitions? Changing your attitude, which you may do at any time, is the first step toward a happier, more successful life. The mind is the starting point for success. Your attitude has the power to change the course of your life. Inner strength is a mental state. It’s the compass that points you in the direction of a better, happier, and more prosperous life. You can allow yourself to dream large when you link with your inner power. This book is for anyone who is interested in learning how my inner voice has aided me in dealing with life’s challenges, which anyone can experience.

Secrets Of Inner Calling


Dhiraj Kashetwar

About Author

Hello, I’m Dhiraj Kashetwar, I am an Engineering, working in MAHAGENCO. I am always ready to learn new things, I believe the best investment is the investment in our self, right now learning Business Consulting from renowned leaders in India along with Dr. Vivek Bindra. and I’m happy to serve the peoples who want to grow in their life.

Confidence is not a solo thing, confidence comes with loving yourself, respecting yourself, celebrating yourself, accepting yourself.
This book will transform your perspective on life, giving you the confidence to be more successful and fearless in every circumstance life throws at you.

And enhance your perspective on your personal growth ;it will help you in discovering your inner powerful self. the most important connection in your life is the one you have with yourself

Style Your Confidence


Siya Bhalla

About Author

Hey , I’m Siya Bhalla a courageous 14 year old student with a golden heart living in Saharanpur up .
I’m a passionate person always open to opportunities and learning life long
Fan of music , travel and innovation. I’m a person filled with creativity and love .
I believe that life is a prize , but to live doesn’t mean you’re alive .
I wanna spark happiness and positivity in this world by letting people know their true worth .

This book is based on my observations that people have stopped being their artistic selves and have begun to conduct their lives according to a formula.This book is about self-love, living a creative life, and appreciating the beauty of your ideal self.
It’s all about those eight points that make up the majority of our lives.

Being your Artistic Self



About Author

I’m Shreem_SG_. I’m 15 years old. I’m a fashion illustrator and digital artist. An Author, a Instagrammer.
Appreciated by many renowned personalities all over the world.

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